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Help us help our police family

NSW Police Legacy is a primarily self-funded not for profit organisation. We rely upon the support and generosity of the Police Family as well as the wider community. Fundraising is achieved through holding regular activities and events. 

You (or your organisation) can help out by holding a fundraiser or event, or by taking part in third party events like the City to Surf, or the Sydney Marathon, or creating your own fundraising event.

Each year, NSW Police Legacy pays more than $400,000 towards education grants for our police legatees in education institutions ranging from preschool to universities.

Every dollar you raise means we can continue to fund our key priorities: 

Financial Assistance: 

  • Education grants 
  • Tertiary scholarships 
  • Welfare grants 
  • Trust fund administration

We place great emphasis on the gathering together of our widows, widowers and children and each year we arrange for: 

  • Social Connection Lunches across the state 
  • Annual Christmas functions
  • Family Picnics 
  • Children’s Adventure camps

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Another service we offer is the opportunity is the platform to fundraise for a Police Officer who is need of financial support. Whether it be a illness, injury or other circumstance, we are here to help you get your fundraiser on its feet. 

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