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3 weeks until we head off on what will be my ninth year of riding for NSW police legacy. Behind the scenes it has been a scramble of fundraising events, pressure to try to fit in as many training rides as possible to get us through the 310k ‘s. Broken bikes, new bikes, anxious moments and nerves, but best of all a great sense of comradery and support, and the understanding of why we are all doing this epic ride yet again.
NSW Police Legacy is an organisation we can sadly not do without.
Once again I am really proud to be putting my efforts into Legacy.
I would like to say a massive thank you to James & Deneane Cranfield and the crew at The Oaks Butchers who have been so massively generous with their support of me, my team and Police Legacy. I couldn’t be more grateful, thank you.
Thanks also to Trent and the crew at Total Tools Penrith, thank you for providing a start, a venue, and prizes.
Special mention to Lenny and the residents of Bluegum, your unwavering enthusiasm to consume fundraising chocolate bars has been legendary, can’t thank you enough!
I totally agree with your sentiment that to live a balanced life you must have a chocolate bar in each hand!
Please follow the link below if you would like to make a contribution to Police Legacy, and to help support them, in supporting the families left behind when our brave everyday heroes get taken way too soon 💙
Thank you

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