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Christmas Appeal: The best a legatee can be

Christmas Appeal: The best a legatee can be

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At NSW Police Legacy, we want to do more than support our young Police Legatees. We want them to flourish. We want them to be the very best versions of themselves they can be.

With that in mind, our youth leadership and empowerment programs are an integral part of our youth activities. Not only do the programs channel their energy in a positive way, but they also provide them with the skills to thrive in an uncertain world.

This giving season, we want to help as many of our kids as possible be the best version of themselves they can be.

Youth leadership programs provide our Legatees with the skills to build resilience, and the confidence to break through and move beyond their fears and limiting beliefs. These programs empower our youth to set goals, and to reach within and understand their inner strengths. NSW Police Legacy provides a safe space to allow inner growth.

This Christmas why not help a young Legatee become the best version of themselves? We have leadership and empowerment programs that range from structured courses to helping clothe a first-time interviewee. Your contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference as a young person embarks on life's adult journey.

Some of our leadership and empowerment programs include:

  • Outward Bound leadership five-day program ($995)
  • Transition to work program ($500)
  • Duke of Edinburgh - three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold ($500)
  • Blue Star Program ($250)
  • Résumé service ($250)
  • Clothes for interview ($150)
  • Online empowerment program ($90)
  • Attendance at a one-day empowerment event ($40)

(All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible)

Thanks to our supporters