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Christmas Appeal 2023

Christmas Appeal 2023

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At this time of year when thoughts turn to family, spare a thought for those whose families have been torn apart. 

Imagine dealing with the sudden loss of your partner. Your world turned upside down, and all the plans and hopes you had together now gone.

Now imagine trying to navigate this new reality as you raise young children. As a parent, you know how important their needs are. You have to try and answer their questions, reassure them about their future, reassure them about your ongoing place in their life. 

And still, you need your own time to grieve. You need a safe place to process your own emotions. You need to figure out the myriad practical and financial challenges that child raising brings – all now without the support of a partner.

NSW Police Legacy can help with all these challenges. But we can’t do it without your help.

Your donation can provide psychological support for parents and families, social connection events to encourage the growth of support networks. Education grants to enable solo parents to rise to the new set of challenges, wellbeing weekends to offer respite and strategies to cope. 

Your donation can be the helping hand that is needed, especially at this time of year when losses are felt so acutely.

Thanks to our supporters