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NSW Police Legacy 2023 EOFY Appeal

NSW Police Legacy 2023 EOFY Appeal

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We all know the cost of living is rising. Things feel a little harder than they used to. Rent, mortgage, bills, the food you feed your family - everything costs more than it did only a year ago.

If you're feeling the pinch when it comes to looking out for your family, imagine trying to do it with only one income. That’s the reality a lot of our Police Legatee families face.

At NSW Police Legacy, we’re about much more than money. We’re here for the long term, providing support through the entire course of a Police Legatee’s life, using generously-donated funds to help give the best possible outcomes.

But let’s face it, tax time is all about money, and by donating to us before 30 June, you can claim any amount over $2 as a full tax deduction.

The support you give us will be passed on in myriad ways to Police Legatees who might be struggling. The support you give us will put a little money back into your pocket come tax time. Everybody wins.

Thanks to our supporters